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Fostering Technical Excellence

We work with software leaders at all levels to lay the foundations for meaningful and lasting change.

Instead of addressing superficial factors that many unenlightened organisations focus on, we work to get to the core of what makes the stand-out teams really stand out: developer culture.

Developers and teams have got to want to change, and ultimately they’re the ones who will make it happen.

Acting as an external catalyst, we look deep to find the fuel of excellence within your organisation and start a reaction that will become self-sustaining long after we’re gone.

We often begin by organising optional internal coding events - usually out-of-hours - and see who turns up. These keen people will be the kindling we’ll use to start the fire.

Over weeks and months and years, we can build on that foundation, encouraging individuals and teams to “step-up” by inviting them to run workshops, blog, join local user groups, attend and even speak at conferences, and even collaborate on books.

By connecting developers with the wider community, where they can share ideas and learn new ones, we can re-connect them with the passion for programming they must have once had when they started.

Our modus operandi is to coach developers and teams in how to coach themselves.

We will need your support, both practically in terms of making rooms and resources and time available, but also moral support in allowing it to happen.

Understandably, some leaders may find empowered developers scary. We will support you and guide you throughout the process.

Connecting Quality To Value

The effects of good developer practices and effective team collaboration can be quite profound on your business.

We tend to find that delivery cycles tighten, with teams becoming able to release working software as frequently as the business needs.

Teams also find that they’re able to sustain the pace of innovation, and hence deliver more value for longer.

At Codemanship, we have a wealth of experience in software measurement and metrics design and implementation, and we can advise on tracking anything from the quality of individual lines of code up to strategic business measures for your project or product. We can also advise on how to apply metrics effectively, helping you to avoid falling into common pitfalls that such programs can dig you into.

We can work with you and your teams to build a complete picture that connects the dots of their everyday technical and team practices with the bottom line of your business, enabling you to steer and improve with clear goals and objective feedback.

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