April 5, 2011

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Business Value, Hitler & Other Lame Ways Of Winning Debates

Just a personal observation, but has anyone else noticed how when software developers bring up "business value", it's usually to score points in a debate.

"Ah, but what about.... business value?" they say. Which is another way of saying "what you're talking about doesn't matter... because... business value... bigger picture... etc etc"

It's a general version of the "but what if we're building the wrong thing?" argument, which is often used to counter people calling for more reliable code or for more maintainable code. The point being that if the software isn't going to be used, then it doesn't matter.

I think this is bunk. It's like kids arguing that they shouldn't have to clean their rooms because "there's going to be a nuclear war anyway, so, like, what's the point?"

Another thing I've noticed is that when developers play the "business value" card, it's almost always just lipservice. In their day jobs they don't give it a second thought. They don't seek out the project sponsors, they don't make it their business to know what the business drivers for the software they're writing are.

Maybe it's just me, but I find when people bring up "business value", it's for similar reasons to why people on message forums bring up Hitler.

If you really do care about business value, and what to climb inside the minds of your project sponsors and end users, I recommend joining us at the Before We Code course in aid of Bletchley Park on April 21st.

I promise you'll learn something useful. And I also promise not to bring up Hitler.

Posted 9 years, 8 months ago on April 5, 2011