February 1, 2006

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JOB: C# Developers, London - contract

More requirements from my client in London. The brains are starting to get into gear, and they've realised now that as well as project managers and business analysts, they're probably going to need some programmers at some point, too.

If you're a freelance C#/.NET developer with at least 5 years experience, and good OO skills (including UML, design principles and design patterns), as well as unit testing skills and some iterative/agile experience, then this might be the contract for you.

If you would like to put yourself forward, I'll be vetting developers in the first instance, so please send your CV to jobs@parlezuml.com including a phone number you can be reached on for a short chat (< 15 minutes)
Posted 15 years, 7 months ago on February 1, 2006