December 11, 2011

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Beyond Fashions & Fads

This blog post by Peter Krantz neatly cocks a snoop at all those who refer to Agile methods as "fashions" or "fads".

Peter finds quotes relating to many of the key problems XP's tries to tackle - like the need for iterative and evolutionary design, the need for early user feedback, the need to stop treating design and "production" as artificially separate activities, the need for small and highly-prioritised releases, the need to automate testing and the need to recognise the universal truth that some developers are orders of magnitude more productive than others, and that who you have on your team is therefore of vital importance.

If you hunt around, you'll even find evidence of teams applying what looks suspiciously like TDD in the 1960's (e.g., on NASA's Project Mercury).

It may have become fashionable after 2001 to do some of these things, and there may indeed be teams doing them without understanding why they're doing them. But the pioneers of software development have been espousing these things since before many of us were born.

Posted 9 years, 2 months ago on December 11, 2011