December 11, 2011

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Beyond The "Cutting Edge"

While we're on the subject of shiny new things that are actually really old things, the next time someone tells you they're working at the "cutting edge" with things like OO programming, functional programming, MVC, TDD and all that lovely modern stuff, you might want to quote a few dates at them and see just how "cutting edge" they're feeling after that.

First object oriented language - Simula 67 (as in 1967)

First functional programming language - LISP (1958)

First use of Model-View-Controller - (unknown - probably Xerox Parc, early 1970's, term coined in 1979 in SmallTalk book)

First use of Test-driven Development - (unknown, but documented on NASA Project Mercury 1959-1963)

Personally, I just can't get the hang of all this new-fangled waterfall data-driven procedural programming. I'm going to stick with these old techniques, thanks.

Posted 9 years, 10 months ago on December 11, 2011