February 2, 2006

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Hottest Skills for 2006

If you keep an eye on ITjobswatch.co.uk, you'll notice that the fasting rising demand is in the following technology areas:

It looks as though if you're a Java developer and you have Spring, Hibernate, AJAX and Interactive TV skills, 2006 could be a very good year for you, as the rapid rise in demand is likely to outstrip supply for a good while yet.

You can also check the fastest rising skills for process & methodology, and you'll note that - while demand for the likes of Hibernate, Spring and AJAX has more than doubled in 3 months - demand for Agile Software Development has risen 45%. Oddly, demand for "MVC" or model-view-controller has more than doubled, as has demand for workflow management. The former may be related to Spring demand, the latter is less easy to explain. Rapidly rising demand for Six Sigma is also slightly discomforting.

The perfect job candidate this year will be a Java/J2EE developer using the most popular OSS frameworks, doing interactive TV on a workflow platform with an AJAX front end, using agile coding practices with Six Sigma being used to improve efficiency and quality in their development processes. All this will be rolled out onto people's desktops using HP's Radia.

Personally, it sounds like a bloody nightmare project!
Posted 15 years, 8 months ago on February 2, 2006