February 4, 2006

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BT Exact Agile PR

A story that's floated in my direction via various news wires tells a heartening tale about BT Exact. Since adopting an "innovative" Agile Development approach in 2004, they claim to have reduced cycle times, reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction.

The crux of the process seems to revolve around 90-day project cycles, in which business goals and a target ROI is defined for every project, and each project is reviewed at the end of the cycle. If it's not "bringing home the bacon", they pull the plug.

Interestingly, there are references to what they call "hot house" meetings every 90 days between the customer and the project leaders to agree goals and assign deliverables for each cycle. There's no mention of iterations within those 90-day cycles, or of any specific Agile practices. What they're doing sounds like it owes a debt to Tom Gilb's ideas about how you run a project.

That said, it is a press release. And we all know how reliable they are.
Posted 15 years, 6 months ago on February 4, 2006