March 22, 2012

...Learn TDD with Codemanship

DIY Codemanship Coding Dojo Kit

If I haven't managed to slot you in to this week's Coding Dojo World Tour (of London), fear not. You can sing along with this handy lyric sheet that outlines the dojo.

Once you get past all the shameless plugs for various conferences, companies, books and battery-operated adult toys, you'll find two famous katas - Fibonacci Sequence Generator and FizzBuzz. If you don't already know these code katas, just Google them. You'll find plenty of advice.

The dojo works like this:

1. Group selects one of the katas to perform

2. Group decides HOW they're going to perform them. There are 3 approaches on offer - By The Book, From Hell & As If You Meant It.

Working in pairs, perform the kata using the approach you've decided on.

Takes about an hour. Or two hours if you're hopelessly drunk (which I did momentarily consider as a possible 4th approach, but rejected on moral and public health grounds.)

So really, it's 6 katas in one. Which is handy.

Posted 28 minutes, 54 seconds ago on March 22, 2012