April 15, 2005

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Programming Language Comparisons

A new feature of the site currently in the planning stage is a matrix of direct comparisons of popular programming languages that will demonstrate features in one language in terms of another.

For example, a Java-to-PHP translator will help Java programmers learn the basic constructs of PHP using code examples that show how something done in Java can be done in PHP. (eg, How to declare a class in both).

The goal will be to provide comparisons for every pair of languages.

Why would we do this? well, as a consultant and trainer, I'm often called upon to work with developers in all sorts of different languages, and while there isn't usually time to master each language, I find that - by comparing basic language features - I can pick up enough to get my point across in just a few hours.

It also helps to make the point that most programming languages share the same basic concepts, and that there's nothing particularly special about, say, C# vs. Object Pascal. With that in mind, it's easier to get back to focusing on the logic and not the syntax of our code.

There will, naturally, be plenty of UML diagrams to accompany the examples - making them a useful companion to the UML for X Developers courses. As with the other tutorials aimed at developers, these will be designed to leverage your existing knowledge to accelerate the learning process.

Currently planned are comparisons of Java, C#, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, C++, SmallTalk and Object Pascal. They will start to appear in late May, and the matrix will hopefully be complete by the end of 2005.

Also in the pipeline is a patterns matrix, again using examples from each of the above mentioned programming languages.
Posted 16 years, 5 months ago on April 15, 2005