May 5, 2013

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Music By Programmers - Week #1 Update

The album to raise money for maths and programming workshops at Bletchley Park and The National Museum Of Computing has been out for a week now.

And what a week it's been! Things kicked off on the previous Friday with an article that ended up being the BBC Tech News number two story, getting a link on the news home page, which generated a lot of interest.

Then on Monday we were assisted by a generous tweet from Stephen Fry.

Together with bags of other social media activity, and coverage by PC Pro, The Register and other noteworthy websites, the buzz was enough to propel Music By Programmers into the download bestseller charts on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

The limited edition CD went on sale around lunchtime on Monday, and sold out on Tuesday.

The week ended with interviews for other web news sites, as well as BBC local radio, about these computer programmers who were "storming the charts".

Naturally, the web having the short attention span that it does, we've tailed off quite spectacularly since Friday - though as of writing we're still in Amazon's Top 40 Dance & Electronica albums. As the saying goes, we've had our 15 megabytes of fame. Now the real work starts!

Of course, being pop stars for a week isn't really the point of it all - gratifying though it is to see something you've helped create up there among the Daft Punk's and the's for a short while. Something to tell the grandchildren. (If I never have granchildren, I'll borrow someone else's and tell them.)

A huge "thank you" if you bought the album and spread the word. With no marketing budget and no label behind us, we're relying completely on word-of-mouth. Without your support, none of this would be possible.

How this all translate into sales, and therefore money raised, we shall have to wait and see. It can take months to get sales figures - and money - from the online retailers. My feeling is that we're well on our way to achieving our target, though.

But I doubt we're there yet, so we still need your support to make our goals happen. If you've not bought your copy yet, please consider downloading it today. Roughly £4-5 from every sale goes directly to these educational projects, so every download counts.

Posted 8 years, 4 months ago on May 5, 2013