July 18, 2013

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FuzzBizzing Your Customer

I was reminded today of a word we invented on a team I worked with a few years ago to describe that despicable - but all too common - practice we programmers have for brow-beating customers into accepting what they're given.

It started in a coding dojo. (Yes, we were doing FizzBuzz. Get over it.) One of the pairs misheard the instructions - or, more likely, just weren't paying attention - and had their code substitute "Fuzz", "Bizz" and "FuzzBizz". By the time I noticed, they were close to finishing. But instead of making those tiny changes to their solution, they argued at some length with me that their code was correct and my requirements were wrong.

From that day forth, trying to persuade a customer to change their requirements to fit our solution became known as "FuzzBizzing".

If you catch a team FuzzBizzing their customer, tell them to Fock Uff.

Posted 7 years, 5 months ago on July 18, 2013