July 31, 2013

...Learn TDD with Codemanship

Software Craftsmanship 2013

I'm delighted to announce that Software Craftsmanship 2013 is now open for registration.

This year's conference is being organised by Jon Dickinson of Equal Experts, and will take place at Bletchley Park (where else?) on October 25th.

The format's similar to last year, with meatier half-day sessions that participants can get their teeth into. There's also the option to stay on for evening fun and larks (and beer and food, of course) for an extra tenner.

If you'd like to run a session - and, as an experience, I highly recommend it - then please submit your ideas here.

If you're seeking inspiration, then take a gander at this video overview of the sessions from SC2012.

Every penny of the proceeds from ticket sales will go towards educational programmes at Bletchley Park, so it's all in a good cause.

Hope to see you there.

Posted 8 years, 1 month ago on July 31, 2013