March 11, 2014

...Learn TDD with Codemanship

Bring The Boss - London, May 8th

On May 8th in London, I'll be running a rather unique training event.

Bring The Boss aims to create an opportunity for developers to "have that chat" with their managers about why software craftsmanship matters.

I created this 1/2-day workshop in response to the many times course attendees have commented "I wish my boss was here, he/she needs to hear this".

Superficially designed as a crash course in Test-driven Development, the workshop will draw out key talking points about the value of craftsmanship to software-intensive businesses, what happens to businesess that skimp on the technical disciplines, and why developer culture is the key to unlocking sustained delivery of value.

Don't worry if your boss isn't a programmer. We find that pairing with non-technical stakeholders can be a valuable exercise in communication - both face-to-face and through code.

A place for the 2 of you costs just £99 (plus Eventbrite booking fee), and there's a morning session that starts at 9:30am and an afternoon session at 1:30pm.

So bring the boss, and let's have that chat we've been meaning to have about craftsmanship.

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Posted 6 years, 10 months ago on March 11, 2014