October 23, 2014

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Software Craftsmanship 2015 - Registration Page Preview

So, Sc2015 preparations are gathering pace. we should be opening soon for registration, and here's a preview of the blurb that will be on the registration page, to wet your appetite:

Software Craftsmanship 2015 is the sixth international software craftsmanship conference, organised by Codemanship.


All of the profits from SC2015 will be put towards programming and maths education projects at Bletchley Park and The National Museum of Computing.

People who came to previous SC20xx events told us that what they enjoyed best was exploring and getting hands-on with programming challanges, talking to and pair programming with lots of differet people.

We want to maximise that experience at SC2015.

So, at SC2015, not only will talks still be banned, but we're doing away with the whole idea of sessions and schedules altogether.

Want to spend all day trying different programming challenges?
Want to spend all day tackling one programming challenge 8 times with 8 different pairing partners?
Want to do fun programming stuff in the morning, and then spend the afternoon shooting the breeze with interesting people who care about the things you do?
Want to take your laptop dow to the lake and do live blogging all day?

At SC2015, you can!

Our goal is to make SC2015 as loose as possible. Your day is your own.

What we'll provide is a unique venue with an amazing history, a decent Wi-Fi connection, power sockets for your laptops, refreshments, and 100 of the most passionate and open-minded software developers for you to bounce ideas off, learn from and socialise with.

We'll be asking people to submit their ideas for programming challenges and mini-projects which will hopefully fire the creative juices on the day, and you'll be able to pick these up and try any that take your fancy.

These could be things like "Build your own code metrics tool", or "Write a program that plays another program at poker and start a poker tournament at SC2015" or "Write a program that reverses time and visit the dinosaurs", or whatever flight of fancy our contributors dare to take. As long as it has an element of craftsmanship to it, and exercises the code craft muscles, we're interested in hearing about it. use the organiser's email address at the bottom to get in touch if you have an idea(s). A proper grown-up RFP will go out soon.

Their creators will be around on the day to answer questions and give tips and advice based on their own experiences tackling the project. Some might take about an hour. Some might take you all day. Estimated completion times will be clearly signposted to help you plan your day.

If none of them take your fancy, do your own thing. Or take a wander around beautiful and historic Bletchley Park, including the amazing National Museum of Computing, and see if the muse grabs you.

This year, we'll also be promoting the theme of Developer Culture, Ethics & Diversity in the informal discussions going on throughout the day. We'll be asking a group of volunteers to prepare "Conversation Cards" - yes, just like in Monty Python & The Meaning of Life - with interesting statistics, thought-provoking facts and (hopefully) conversation-inspiring questions to inspire discussion, brainstorming and debate. And, yes, if you just want to spend the entire day discussing issues with your peers, at SC2015 you can.

Doors will open at 9am, where you can register and pick up your information pack, grab a tea of a coffee, and then relax for a bit, or jump straight in. It's entirely up to you.

If you decide to stay with us for the evening, there will be sausages! Oh yes! (And veggie sausages, too.) And booze, soft drinks and entertaining diversions. None of which are compulsory, of course. If you want to sit outside and gaze at the stars instead, at SC2015 you can.

Of course, it can't be complete anarchy. We do have a very simple schedule:

09:00 Doors open for registration (with Tea & Coffee)
09:30 Welcome by organiser Jason Gorman
09:35 Your Time
11:00 Tea & Coffee served
12:30 Lunch
15:00 Tea & Coffee served
16:30 Bar opens
18:00 Mansion closed briefly for evening changeover
18:30 Dinner served
20:45 Bar closes
21:00 Mansion closes

Posted 6 years, 9 months ago on October 23, 2014