December 29, 2014

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New for 2015 - Advanced Unit Testing Training Course

Just a quick note to mention that, as well as giving the Codemanship web site a lick of fresh paint for the New Year, I've also added a new training course to the portfolio.

Advanced Unit Testing is a 2-day hands-on workshop aimed at taking experienced unit testers and TDD-ers to the next level.

Increasingly we find we're coming to rely on software we never thought of as "critical" in our everyday lives. Teams that write automated unit tests and do test-driven development are no doubt ahead of the pack when it comes to the reliability of their code, but these practices are not always sufficient.

In most software applications, about 10% of the code needs to be more reliable than traditional and Agile testing and test-driven practices tend to achieve.

This is typically for one of three reasons:

1. A unit of code is necessarily more complicated than usual (e.g. a non-trivial algorithm underpinning some feature)

2. A unit of code presents a higher risk to the user when executed (e.g., when a bank transfer is executed, a bug presents a greater potential risk than, say, editing your bank statement preferences)

3. A unit of code is heavily depended upon by other parts of the software (or other people's software built on top of it), and the ripple effect caused by an error would spread wide and far through many features of the software

In these cases, we may not feel that our everyday techniques are giving us enough assurance.

This training course introduces you to tools and techniques you can use to take that extra step when it's needed.

It will be available in Java and .NET varieties.

Posted 5 years, 10 months ago on December 29, 2014