March 5, 2015

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Public Workshop - Intensive Advanced Unit Testing, Sat May 9th, London

A quick note about an upcoming public workshop I'm running in London on Saturday May 9th.

Intensive Advanced Unit Testing crams in all the most useful bits of Codemanship's 2-day course into a single day, covering skills that can help us get higher assurance on the 10% of our code that needs to be especially reliable, as well as how to identify and target code critical code in our systems.

Hands-on exercises will include Design By Contract, advanced parameterised testing, mutation testing to find the gaps in our existing tests, and automated test case discovery using random test data generators, combinatorial input generators and tools that analyse our code with symbolic execution and constraint solvers to take the guesswork/luck out of things.

We'll also, of course, be looking at one of the most powerful and overlooked forms of white-box testing - inspections.

All for the very affordable price of £109 (plus EventBrite fees), about 80% cheaper than many of our competitors - though, for this workshop, we have none anywhere in the world! (It's true: nobody else is running a public course like this.)

If, like me, you believe that TDD is a great foundation for building reliable software, but that sometimes - on code that really matters - we need to go further, then join us on May 9th.

Posted 5 years, 9 months ago on March 5, 2015