October 19, 2015

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Software Craftsmanship 2016 - Would You Like To Host An Official Event Where You Are?

So, finally, evil plans are taking shape for the revival of the original software craftsmanship conference.

Started in 2009, SC20xx ran for 5 very successful years, and saw innovative new hands-on sessions from some of our best code craft thought leaders.

The unusual "less talking, more coding" format and the distinctly community-led nature of the events made for a fun-packed and challenging day, and my aim is to build on that going forward.

At SC2016, talks will be banned altogether. Nope, not even Open Space talks, or Lightning Talks, or Talks Wearing Various Naval Headwear. We're making the final progression, and transcending traditional conference formats altogether. No talking, just coding.

SC2016 will bring together likeminded passionate programmers, simply to work on pre-set problems, pair program, share ideas and have a laugh - all without the annoyance of someone (probably like me) talking at you.

The aim will be to develop a DVD-ROM or USB stick crammed full of project ideas and exercises for code crafters - some short and self-contained, some larger and more ambitious. You come along, grab a coffee, find someone you like the look of, and get to work. We'll provide desks, chairs, Wi-Fi, doors, windows, walls, ceilings, etc - and coffee, obviously - and mentors on hand to help out with any technical issues.

And here comes the best part: because the conference will effectively come on a disc, it suddenly becomes possible to unshackle the event from its geophysical constraints. To put it more bluntly, other folk can run an SC2016 event in their area. You will need to find some suitable space (e.g., a cow shed, or dry lake bed which inexplicably has Internet and power sockets), provide some basic refreshments (water, tea/coffee, a simple buffet lunch if you can stretch to it), and - provided you stick to the rules - we'll list your event among the official ones on the SC website.

More details will be finalised in the coming few weeks, but here's what I already know:

When? Saturday May 14th

Where? Anywhere suitable (tables, chairs, Wi-Fi - basically, an office or meeting space)

What? A packed day meeting likeminded craftspersons and having fun tackling handpicked projects of all shapes and sizes

Who? Anyone who gives a shit about writing good software, and about getting better at it

How much? The plan now is to try to offer places for free, though organisers of individual events may choose to charge a small fee to cover their nominal costs (e.g., if they can't find a sponsor to pay for catering).

And the expenses? Costs will be managed at a local level by event organisers. How much it costs will depend on where you host it, what you do about catering, and so on. Logistically, SC2016 events will be very similar to the kind of meet-ups and Code Retreats groups run locally all the time, and we expect costs to be in the order of £100-300, assuming a venue is provided for free. Of course, if you have 10,000 at your SC2016 event, and want to feed them lobster for lunch, your costs will be significantly higher!

If you're outside London (I'll be running it here), and interested in hosting or running an SC2016 event where you are, please get in touch.

Remember - can be anywhere in the world: India, the US, Canada, Spain, France, Narnia, Gallifrey or Trumpton.

Drop us a line.

Posted 5 years, 8 months ago on October 19, 2015