January 20, 2016

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Developer Archetypes #29: The Serial Monogamist

"I'm a great husband. I must be: I've been married ten times." Or so the joke goes.

And so it is with some software developers, who hop and skip in blissful ignorance from "greenfield project" to "greenfield project", blind to the consequences of their decisions because they never stick around long enough to witness them.

But the fact is that most developers spend most of their time living with those consequences, working on legacy code. It's estimated that we spend anywhere between 50%-80% of our time just reading code. Those developers who have managed to engineer careers that sidestep legacy code can often be oblivious to the profound importance of things like readability, or the benefits of fast-running automated tests, and other factors that can make changing legacy code much, much easier.

Read all you like about design patterns and OOA/D and "enterprise architecture" - if only to impress and intimidate in meetings - but I posit that, until you've lived with the consequences of your design decisions, you know nothing about design. Well, nothing that makes a difference.

If you are one of those developers who never have to look back, then the next time an employer or recruiter approaches you with a "shitty legacy code project", stop to consider whether it might actually be a great learning opportunity in disguise.

Posted 5 years, 2 months ago on January 20, 2016