February 20, 2016

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Software Craftsmanship 2016 (Atlanta)

Just time to mention a couple of pieces of good news about SC2016, which is happening on Saturday May 14th in London and hopefully many other places around the UK and beyond.

The first bit of news is that SC2016 (London) has sold out in record time. All the tickets went within 24 hours of opening for registration. No doubt, there'll be a few cancellations, so if you'd still like to come, you can add yourself to wait list to be informed when places become available.

The other piece of good news is that our first international SC2016 workshop - being organised by Mike Clement in Atlanta, GA (USA) - has just opened for registration. The exact same workshop, just a different part of the world. Click here to grab your place.

More workshops to be announced soon. But if you'd like to run one where you are, drop me a line. It's a doddle, and the more the merrier.

Posted 4 years, 11 months ago on February 20, 2016