April 9, 2016

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Seeking Guinea Pigs For New Training Workshop on Property-Based Testing

Currently in development at Codemanship HQ is a new 1-day training workshop on property-based testing, designed to take intermediate-to-advanced TDD-ers to the next level in writing highly reliable software economically.

To help iron out any kinks, I'm keen to test-drive the workshop this summer. An exact date hasn't been confirmed yet, but some time in July or August on a Saturday in South West London. Tickets will be free in exchange for giving it a fair hearing, throwing yourself into the exercises with gusto, and providing feedback to help debug the workshop.

If it goes well, I may also ask very politely of you'd like to record a wee testimonial to help market the course when it officially launches to paying customers, for which I'll be very grateful.

If this sounds interesting, and you'd like to be contacted when registration for the trial workshop opens, drop me a line.

Posted 4 years, 5 months ago on April 9, 2016