April 19, 2016

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SC2016 Mini-Project: Light-Speed Startup - A Serious Team Dojo

Software Craftsmanship 2016 - Mini-Project

Light-Speed Start-Up: A Serious Team Dojo

Estimated Duration: 8+ hours

Author: Jason Gorman, Codemanship

Language(s)/stacks: Web Full Stack / Cloud Services


Could you start an online business in a single day?

From a standing start, come up with a simple idea for an online business, and then implement a Minimum Viable Product that customers could use straight away, and that can be easily adapted based on their feedback and some basic metrics your application will collect.

Your product must be fully *automatically* tested, and under version control. Build and deployment must also be fully automated.

Your product should provide a secure mechanism for customers to register as users/members, and make payments for services. If monetised through advertising, the advertising mechanism (and facility to buy ad space) must be in place. The challenge is to have a functioning business by the end of the day that could actually trade.

You may find a credit card useful for this mini-project to buy cloud services, and may even wish to consider - if you and your co-founder(s) think it's a really good idea - putting your business on a legal footing by incorporating a company or partnership and issuing shares to your co-founders. Company formation can be done online, and costs about £11-£50, depending on the options you choose.

HINT: The secret to this exercise is agreeing on things and making sound decisions quickly

Posted 4 years, 5 months ago on April 19, 2016