August 30, 2016

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TDD 2.0 - Training Bookings & Book Preview

Just time to mention some Codemanship news.

I'm now taking advanced client bookings for the new & improved TDD 2.0 training workshop.

Incorporating lessons from 7 years delivering the original workshop for over 2,000 developers, the TDD 2.0 is more practical, in-depth and hands-on than ever.

There's more on refactoring, more on design principles, and... well, just more!

I've ditched the PowerPoint slides, beefed up the demonstrations and turbo-charged the exercises. The workshop's available in a 1, 2 or 3-day version to suit budgets and time constraints.

Attendees also get an exclusive 200-page book that goes into even greater depth, with a stack more exercises you can use to hone your TDD craft after the workshop. Ongoing practice is all-important.

You can find out more about the workshop, and grab a free preview of the first 7 chapters of the TDD book, by visiting the website.

I'm taking bookings now for delivery from Oct 10th and beyond.

Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago on August 30, 2016