September 8, 2016

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Introduction to TDD - "Brown Bag" Sessions

With my new training companion book TDD launching next month, I thought it might be fun to offer some convenient "brown bag" sessions where folks can get a quick practical introduction to TDD and a copy of the book to take away.

Feedback via the Twitters suggests some of you are interested, and now I want to flesh the idea out a bit with some more details.

I want to get folk fired up about learning TDD, and the book can help them take the next steps on that journey.

The basic idea is that you invite me into your office in London* between 12pm-2pm, or after work at 6-8pm. You'll need a room/space for everyone, with a projector or big TV I can plug my laptop into. We'll do some TDD together, and you'll need a computer between every two people at least, as you'll be working in pairs. I'll code and talk, and we'll get straight into it - no time for dilly-dallying.

The session will last one hour, and attendees will get a copy of the TDD book, worth £30.

I would suggest there needs to be a minimum of 4 attendees, and pricing would be as follows:

For 4 people - £95/person

5-8 people - £85/person

9+ people - £75/person

In that hour, we'll cover:

* Why do TDD?
* Red-Green-Refactor basics
* The Golden Rule
* Working backwards from assertions
* Refactoring to parameterised tests
* Testing your tests

There's be NO SLIDES. It'll be 100% hands-on. I'll do the practical stuff in Java or C#, but you can do it in any programming language you like, provided you have the appropriate tools (an IDE/editor and an implementation of xUnit - preferably one that supports parameterised tests (or has an add-on that does). Mocking frameworks will not be required for this introduction.

You can grab yourself a free preview of the book, including the first 7 chapters, from

More details soon on how to book. But if you're interested in me running a TDD "brown bag" where you work, drop me a line and we can get the ball rolling now.

* If there's enough demand, I'll do tours of other cities

Posted 4 years, 6 months ago on September 8, 2016