May 17, 2017

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20 Dev Metrics - 16. Dev Pay Market Percentile

The 16th metric in my series 20 Dev Metrics is a simple but powerful one, which can determine how easy (or hard) it could be for you to hire and retain the developers you need.

As someone who gets asked to helped clients find developers, I can attest that Dev Pay Market Percentile is an accurate predictor of how long you'll have to search to find the right person.

Online sources of advertised salaries and contract rates, like can show you how much your competitors are offering for specific skills like Java and TDD, in specific locations and specific industries (e.g., London, banking).

You'd be amazed how many employers scratch their heads wondering why they can't find the ace-whizzo developer they need for their dev team, whilst offering an average (or below average) salary.

Want good developers? Aim for the upper quartile on pay. Want great developers who'll stay? Aim for the upper tenth percentile.

I've lost count of the times the "skill shortage" mysteriously disappeared when the employer upped the offer. And I've also lost count of the times that demand for a skill quietly ramped up, leaving employers wondering why all of their long-serving devs suddenly upped and left.

And, of course, if you are a developer, it's worth knowing where you sit in the pay range. If your bosses are poor payers, they may be relying on you not knowing.

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago on May 17, 2017