October 10, 2017

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Manual Refactoring - Summary

Due to the increasing popularity of dynamically-typed languages like Python and Ruby, as well as a growing trend for programming in stripped-down editors like Atom, Vim and VS Code that lack support for automated refactoring, I'm putting together a series of How-To blog posts for script kiddies that need to refactor their code the old-fashioned way - i.e., by hand.

The most important message is that manual refactoring requires extra discipline. (I often find when I'm refactoring by hand that things can get a bit sloppy, and I'm sure if I watched it back, the code would be broken for much longer periods of time.)

So far, I've done 12 posts covering some key refactoring basics:


Introduce Local Variable

Introduce Field

Inline Variable & Simple Method

Inline Complex Method

Introduce Parameter

Extract Method

Move Instance Method

Extract Class

Extract Superclass

Dependency Injection

Convert Static Method to Instance Method

In coming days, I'll be adding to this list, as well as putting together my definitive guide for manual refactoring, which may become an e-book, or a commemorative plate, or something like that.

Posted 3 years, 8 months ago on October 10, 2017