May 19, 2006

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Been There. Done That. Got Eaten Alive.

A cliche in fantasy adventure films is when the hero ventures into a deep, dark valley/cave/forest/alley and the writer lets us know there's some nasty lurking there by leaving the bones of its previous victims lying around for our hero to trip over.

Consultants should take a similar hint when we discover the bones of previous attempts to do what we've been hired to do. If your client asks you to "standardize" the organisations terminology, for example, and you start organising meetings with various stakeholders to begin this process, and they all send you their attempt at a standard terminology from days long gone. It immediately begs the question: why didn't these previous (and no doubt equally worthy) attempts work?

The smart thing to do is to either:

a. Get out of the deep, dark valley/cave/forest/alley as quick as you can, or
b. Reach for your biggest gun and brace yourself for a fight
Posted 15 years, 3 months ago on May 19, 2006