May 22, 2006

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Spike Milligan on Documentation

Today I went through a list of "process definition documents" with their designated "process owner", who was somewhat taken aback to discover that many processes that are still very much alive in the real world - where people actually do stuff and stuff actually happens and that - had been "retired" from the current version of the "process library".

I was reminded of a letter written by the late, great Spike Milligan (who really is dead now, folks) that went like this:


SIR - In response to a letter, I have received an acknowledgement card from your obituaries editor. I don't understand. Please tell me if I am dead; if I am not, let me know and I will take off the shroud.

Spike Milligan
London W2
Posted 16 years, 6 months ago on May 22, 2006