June 17, 2006

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Agile Metrics Design - Feedback from June 15th

On Thursday, I ran the second day of workshops in our 2006 Summer e-Cademy. This time it was Agile Metrics Design, which has evolved quite a bit over the last few months. The main aim of the workshop is to teach people how to run the workshop - in the hope that they'll go back to their teams and try it for themselves. The feedback has been encouraging.

I still maintain that any workshop is only as good as its participants, and on June 15th they were a very bright bunch indeed. I really enjoyed working with them.

Session Feedback

1. How would you rate the event on the whole?

GOOD - 95%
POOR - 0%

2. How would you rate the material covered?

GOOD - 100%
POOR - 0%

3. How would you rate the coach (yes - that's me, folks!)

GOOD - 100%
POOR - 0%

4. How would you rate the venue and location?

GOOD - 25%
POOR - 0%

5. Would you come to another parlezuml.com event in the future?

YES - 100%
NO - 0%

6. Would you recommend this event to a friend or colleague?

YES - 100%
NO - 0%

According to the scoring system I used for the first workshop, a GOOD is +1, an AVERAGE is 0, a POOR is -1, a YES is +1 and a NO is -1. The final score looks like this:

104 out of a possible 120 - or 87%

These were some of the most interesting comments:

About the event as a whole:

"I didn't really know what to expect"

"Well organised."

"I'm surprised it was free"

"Could have done with an extra hour or so. Felt rushed."

About the material:

"The ideas are simple and easy to follow."

"I can see us using this on real projects"

"I was hoping to learn some standard metrics"

"I couldn't follow the airline example"

About the coach:

"Knows his stuff"

"Friendly and informal"

"Good. He explained things well."

"I didn't get some of the jokes"

About the venue:


"The minibus was a good idea!"

"Plenty of parking. Hard to find."

Proof Of The Pudding

In total, 20 people attended, and we only lost one during the day - one chap had to leave to attend to an emergency back at the office. That gives an audience attrition rate of just 5% - a marked improvement on the previous workshop. (Mind you, each session is only 2.5 hours long, so I think people are more likely to stick it out to the bitter end.)

What Next?

On the whole, I'm very encouraged by the feedback. I'm afraid I can't make the sessions any longer because the time pressure is what drives the workshop forward, and the egg timer is a good lesson in timeboxing. They say that work expands to fill the time available, and in previous - longer - sessions that's been very true. The participants achieved a lot more this time around.

It's also important for people to see how iteration length & frequency are significant factors in evolutionary design. I think the teams learned on Thursday that more iterations is better than longer iterations. This is why we call it Agile Metrics Design, because it relies on feedback rather than planning to converge on the best metrics. If you're coming on July 6th, please expect a packed schedule!

One thing I have already done is replace the confusing gaming example of the airport baggage handlers with what I hope is an example that's easier to understand. I've also rejigged the PowerPoint and will be noodling with the simulated project data to iron out a couple of bugs we found on Thursday.

I'm really looking forward to the next one, now :-)
Posted 15 years, 3 months ago on June 17, 2006