June 28, 2006

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Winter e-Cademy Suggestions

How organised am I?! We're barely 1/3 of the way into the Summer e-Cademy and I'm already looking ahead to a possible Winter e-Cademy.

The theme for the summer has been governance - in a very loose sense (metrics, enterprise architecture, nonlinear management). I'm thinking maybe that the theme for winter could be quality.

Whenever I talk about producing high quality, (almost) bug-free code, people automatically assume I'm talking about a very heavyweight waterfall approach - Z specifications, formal inspections, 500 layers of sign-off before a line of code gets written - you know the type, I'm sure. If I talk about lightweight, iterative, evolutionary approaches to producing (almost) bug-free code people look at me like I'm some kind of nutter. But it all makes perfect sense, and I'd love to help people see it as clearly as I see it.

I'm also thinking I might run one more each of the most popular summer events, so it would probably be a 50/50 split between new workshops and the ones being run this summer.

But that all depends, and here's when I could do with some help. Here's a proposed set of events:

(Almost) Bug-Free - Agile techniques for delivering very high quality software
* Day #1: Building the right thing - for developers
* Day #2: Building it right - for developers and requirements analysts

Agile Testing - a one-day workshop for testing professonials on the role of the tester in Agile projects

Object Oriented Design Master Class

Agile Metrics Design + Agile Governance (probably on the same day)

I would aim to run them in November and December of this year.

Would you be interested in coming along? (Even if you can't, but you would if you could?) Do yo have any suggestions for things that would really interest you or your organisation? Is anybody out there even interested in quality? If you have any views, please email us.
Posted 15 years, 1 month ago on June 28, 2006