July 1, 2006

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Productivity and MOVE

In the last post, I explained how I was experimenting with a toy programming language called MOVE to help illustrate the mechanics of evolutionary design. I also mentioned that I was looking at ways of using MOVE to help me understand developer productivity. I have no wisdom to impart (and won't that make a change, folks?), but instead let me set you a problem:

Two developers, Mr Red and Mr Green - no, this isn't a Pulp Fiction-based problem - are asked to develop a program that satisfies a specific set of requirements.

Mr Red completes his program in 30 minutes, while Mr Green completes his in 35 (yes, they are both very slow programmers...). Mr Red's program is one line longer than Mr Green's, but remember that they are both working to exactly the same set of requirements. Who is more productive? Mr Red or Mr Green?

Now consider the situation where Mr Red and Mr Green have different requirements. This time Mr Green completes his program in 45 minutes and Mr Red completes his in 50. Who is more productive now?

I don't want to influencfe you too much on this, but you might want to consider a blog post I wrote many moons ago about a model for the evolutionary development process that is essentially probabilistic. This might throw some light on the problem. Then again, it might be red herring - or a white elephant. (or possibly a bizarre pink Elephant-Herring hybrid.) Only time will tell.
Posted 15 years, 1 month ago on July 1, 2006