July 2, 2006

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UML for Managers - June 29th Feedback

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Another big thank you to everyone who came to Thursday's UML for Managers executive sessions. Like a stand-up comedian, I rely on the audience to laugh in the right places to make the routine work, and it was a great relief to be able to share ideas with people who are genuinely interested and actively engaged.

As with the previous two Summer e-Cademy events, I want to publish the feedback: partly for posterity, but mostly because when people make the effort of giving me useful feedback, I feel somehow obliged to share it with a wider audience. It also provides an extra incentive for me to make improvements; rather like publicly declaring that you've quit smoking.

First, the scores. In total, the two sessions were attended by 18 people

1. How would you rate the event on the whole?

GOOD - 100%
POOR - 0%

2. How would you rate the material covered?

GOOD - 100%
POOR - 0%

3. How would you rate the coach?

GOOD - 100%
POOR - 0%

4. How would you rate the venue and location?

GOOD - 72%
POOR - 0%

5. Would you come to another parlezuml.com event in the future?

YES - 100%
NO - 0%

6. Would you recommend this event to a friend or colleague?

YES - 100%
NO - 0%

Then I created a little scoring system, where a GOOD is +1, an AVERAGE is 0, a POOR is -1, a YES is +1 and a NO is -1. The final score looks like this:

103 out of a possible 108 - or 95%

Here are some of the comments:

About the event as a whole:

"Excellent overview. Good pace"

"Good overview to enable lead into specific areas of focus..."

"Good coverage"

"Well-paced overview with just enough detail"

"Excellent overview of the UML & OO"

"Great overview with the option to interact & get detail"

"Quality material. Lots covered in a short time! Well researched and presented. Thank you."

About the material:

"Perhaps you could add a small amount of notes, e.g., which role the various models would be aimed at"

"Email slides would be good" (done!)

"Would like a paper copy of the slides to write on"

"Excellent although only enough time to gloss over"

"UML for business modeling and MDA really interesting & helpful"

About the coach:

"Good pace"

"Plenty of practical experience"

"Good examples from personal experience"

"Technically aware and has a very good presentation style"

About the venue:

"Served its purpose"

"Nice coffee and biscuits. Nasty chairs"

"Central London would be a better location"

Proof Of the Pudding

Remarkably, on a warm day with the tennis on just a short hop from the venue - and how tempting is that when nobody can check up on you? - all 18 delegates remained for the whole of their session, giving an attrition rate of 0%.


There's no doubting that UML is not the hot topic it was two or three years ago. It's certainly quietened down since this time last year, when most of the interest I got was still focused on modeling and architecture. But Thursday's event proves that there's life in the old dog yet. You can "agile" this and "service-orient" that, but we still could all benefit from a shared visual language to oil the wheels of collaborative analysis and design. UML still generates a lot of interest, and more than enough controversy, to ensure I'll be running UML for Managers for a while to come - only maybe on a smaller scale.

It was an oversight on my part that I forgot to email out PDF copies of the presentation before the event so people could print them off and bring them along to write notes on. I will ensure this doesn't happen again on August 10th.

The venue has come out a little better off this time around. Choose any venue and it will be more convenient for some than for others, so the current venue is a carefully calculated compromise. As long as it does the job, I'll continue to use it. The cookies are very nice!
Posted 14 years, 10 months ago on July 2, 2006