July 10, 2006

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Never Mind The Quality. Feel The Entropy.

I glanced over an outline of a new Function Point counting/estimating system today, and a thought occured to me. Function Points are a measure of complexity. Most definitions of developer productivity that I've come across tend to describe how much complexity - "stuff" - a team can produce in a fixed period of time.

Another - perhaps cleaner - way of putting it is that the most commonly used productivity measures actually tell us how fast developers produce entropy, since more "stuff" usually means higher entropy.

In fact, the definition of productivity as the rate of production of entropy seems to apply to all sorts of jobs. Perhaps this is a summary of our industrial dysfunction? Can we begin to accept that the days when "more stuff" faster and cheaper are coming to an end - at least here in the West?
Posted 14 years, 9 months ago on July 10, 2006