September 2, 2006

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From The Train

I am officially on holiday. This isn't one of those pretend holidays where I spend a week at home catching up on all those little jobs I never seem to get time to do when I'm not "on holiday". I've actually packed my bags and I'm heading off into the hills to get away from it all. I have, of course, packed my laptop and my mobile phone with the bluetooth modem in it. Hence I'm able to share my thoughts with you from my comfy seat on the train to the Lake District. (Though typing is a bit of a bugger as the carriage lurches from side to side. New train. Old tracks. I can plug my laptop in, but the quality of the ride is still distinctly 19th century...)

And it occurred to me that I could post blog entries from pretty much anywhere in the world - certainly from anywhere in the western world. I could, in theory, report what's happening on my train right now. We are just outside Rugby in Warwickshire. I know someone who lives in Rugby. She's called Rachel Davies and she's the chair of the Agile Alliance. Small world.

I find it interesting that the blog media hasn't become effectively real time already. By the time you read this, I could still be on the train. I can even show you a picture of where I'm sitting in First Class (15 for an upgrade, by the way) that will be literally a few minutes old when some of you see it.

I have at my fingertips the power to do more than my favourite newspapers can do. Surely this will tip the balance towards the little guy? Not if it's always as fiddly as this post was!
Posted 14 years, 11 months ago on September 2, 2006