October 6, 2006

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In The Garden. Eating Worms.

Today I learned that my proposal to run Agile Governance at the SPA 2007 conference has been rejected. Each proposal receives a number of anonymous reviews by a random selection of panel members, and there was one review in particular that I suspect did for me. You can download a copy of the actual review here.

An official British Computer Society rejection

Now this is going to sound like someone with a bruised ego having a bit of a girly hissing fit - and that's largely what it is, to be fair - but 0.0001% of me thinks that, in the cold light of day, some of these criticisms are slightly arbitrary and just a little unfounded. Say what you like about me as an organiser, presenter or whatever, but the workshop WORKS! It really does. It's fast. It's fun. And it works on several levels. It goes great with pizza and beer, or coffee and biscuits. It's fully customisable (indeed, I strongly encourage it). And it is most definitely thought-provoking and enlightening.

So, like any rejected genius worth his salt, I say to SPA:

It's your loss*

And I strongly urge all my loyal readers (assuming he isn't on holiday today) to apply the following sanctions:

1. When you go to the SPA conference, don't forget to stand around during breaks saying in a loud voice "oh, this is a great conference, but it's just such a shame that the organisers were just ever so slightly not visionary enough to include Jason Gorman's brilliant Agile Governance workshop, which is brilliant (and created by Jason Gorman)". If you're with a friend or colleague, he or she might want to chip in that point: "is that the same Jason Gorman who runs the brilliant web site www.parlezuml.com?"

2. Before you go to each session you've signed up for, wander into one or two other sessions "by accident" before they start and ask people "is this the brilliant Agile Governance workshop run by Jason Gorman?" and when they say "no" you reply "oh, right, because they foolishly rejected that proposal, despite it being so brilliant". Before you leave the room, you might want to see if you can slip my URL into the conversation somehow, too.

3. Whenever you get an opportunity, keep asking the organisers questions like "what time does Agile Governance start?", "what room is the Agile Governance workshop in?", "can I have some Agile Governance with my lasagne?", and so on. When they tell you that there is no Agile Governance, fall over and pretend the shock has killed you. And if you could get www.parlezuml.com in there somehow, that would be a help.

Now, it's vitally important that you go to the conference, because none of these protests will have any effect if you try to use them in, say, Leicester. You can find out about registering here, and remember - it's for the cause, comrade...

* Or should that be "she was probably a lesbian anyway"? I get them mixed up...
Posted 14 years, 10 months ago on October 6, 2006