October 14, 2006

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Use Cases - An Introduction

A lot of fuss and nonsense is floating out there on the subject of use cases. Some books and online resources make them out to be some kind of black art. I suspect that might be because there are people who actually write use cases for a living, and if their managers ever found out that it's not rocket science, they might find themselves being called upon to do more.

In practice, use cases are fairly straightforward. As with many skills, you can get by quite happily knowing only 20% of the theory about use cases. So I've put together a short tutorial called Use Cases - An Introduction that covers only the 20% you might need to know. Once you mastered the most useful basics, you can then explore the more advanced and esoteric aspects of use case design and use case-driven development.
Posted 14 years, 11 months ago on October 14, 2006