October 17, 2006

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Antony Gorman's WOPR

My brother Antony has finally entered the blogosphere with a post on his experience at last week's WOPR conference in Exeter. It sounds as though James Dobson made an impression, and I wasn't at all surprised to hear that both he and my brother were walking the streets at 3am hunting for booze.

Alcoholism aside - and it's always a good idea to put some alcohol aside just in case, for example, you end up wandering the streets of Exeter at 3am trying to find some - Antony makes a good point about the artificial distinction we make between "testing" and "development". Making testing an integral part of the development process, and not just a phase that happens near the end, is the key to delivery.
Posted 14 years, 9 months ago on October 17, 2006