October 20, 2006

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Daily Stand-ups & Continuous Integration

Another day, and another opportunity to discover something that I really ought have known 6 weeks ago. If I had known 6 weeks ago what I know now, I would have probably taken a different route to solving the problem I have been working on. My plan simply was incompatible with the bigger picture.

And it suddenly hit me that this is what daily stand-up meetings are really all about. They're a form of continuous integration for plans.

When two or more people do work that has significant amounts of dependencies on what the other person/people is/are doing, we need to check as often as possible that the work we're doing hasn't undone the work someone else has been doing. By meeting once a day and telling the rest of the team what I did yesterday, and what I plan to do today, I reduce the risk of wasting days, or weeks, or months executing a plan that might cause major headaches for other people.

I know that some teams don't like to do them, and many people claim they're unnecessary, but if you do do them (and yes, I did mean to type "do do") then you might want to keep a record of how often people find out stuff that they really ought to have known. On a team of six people, it usually happens every day. And if we don't force ourselves to have the stand-up, we increase the risk that these facts won't get communicated to the right people. (In much the same way that if we don't integrate our code at least once a day, we increase the risk of serious integration problems later on.)
Posted 14 years, 9 months ago on October 20, 2006