November 3, 2006

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Blair "Born Again" On Science

In today's news, Tony Blair says that Britain must "stand up for science" and that our young should be encouraged to follow the scientific career path. He quite rightly attests that the UK's economy will become more and more reliant on innovation, and therefore on science and technology.

His choice of words is especially interesting. After admitting that he was a poor science student himself, he has since become "practically 'born again' on the subject".

Talking of being "born again", perhaps he has already forgotten what he said barely 24 hours ago about the teaching of creationism in schools?

So have I got it right, Tony? We're 100% behind science and scientific education, provided we don't dwell on any unimportant science, as judged by your standards as someone who is a self-confessed scientific illiterate? This is slightly reminiscent of Mr Bair's desire that we shoud focus on the important issues about the future of Iraq and stop wasting our time on unimportant questions like why we invaded in the first place.

Sorry, Tony. The problem with science is that it will go wherever it goes. You can't draw a line in the sand and say "nothing to see here" when there are questions you don't think the rest of us should be exploring.
Posted 14 years, 10 months ago on November 3, 2006