November 8, 2006

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Kent Beck - Mapping XP

Here's a quick last-minute plug for Kent Beck's upcoming workshop which directly follows the Agile Business Conference here in London. It's called Mapping XP, and the overview goes like this:

"We will explore the primary practices of XP in detail using mind mapping exercises. You will examine your needs and find practices to address them. We will discuss the change process, how to reach agreement on goals and principles, how to implement new practices and how to sustain them. You will make a plan to share with your team and set up incentives for accountability. This workshop will be interactive and involve many colored felt pens."

It sounds quite interesting, and might be especially valuable for people who are interested in exploiting mind maps to help them understand and adopt XP practices. It's also a great opportunity to meet the guy who invented eXtreme Programming, TDD and xUnit and pick his brains. The workshop's on Friday (Nov 10th) at the QEII Conference Centre (opposite the Houses of Parliament, I seem to recall). I think there are a couple of places left - though that may have changed in the last couple of days, so you'd need to be quick.

I think it costs about 500 quid to get in, which is pretty reasonable when you consider who's leading the workshop.
Posted 14 years, 10 months ago on November 8, 2006