November 24, 2006

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La La La. I'm Not Listening.

We are all capable of self-delusion - even someone as handsome as me!

But sometimes I'm taken aback at just how deluded some organisations can become. When reality comes a-knocking, they tap their little red shoes together and breathlessly chant "there's no place like home". If you've seen Terry Gilliam's brilliant film Brazil: that bit where Sam Lowry goes off into his own little world? That's your boss, that is.

The reality is obviously so horrible, so very terrible, that many organisations have constructed a sweetened artificial reality that their fragile minds seem more able to accept. In this management Utopia, deadlines are always met, the software always works, and the customer is always deliriously happy with what we delivered. (And lovely fluffy bunny-wunnies lollop and flollop across the dew-sprinkled meadows all day long etc).

So the next time you're in a tough planning meeting, and your boss starts humming a catchy Latin tune, you'll know what's probably going on in his mind.
Posted 14 years, 9 months ago on November 24, 2006