November 30, 2006

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Code Tamagotchi

For an organisation that's buckling under the crippling weight of too much information, I have a potential remedy. I propose that all those management reports and metrics and fancy-schmantzy graphs and pie charts can be replaced with my latest invention: the Code Tamagotchi.

The tamagotchi will reflect the mood or disposition of the code at any point in time. Happy code. Happy smiley face. Unhappy code. Sad face. No more worrying about what to do when a memo turns upon your desk telling you that "the defect injection rate has increased 2.6% in Q3 (with a 10% margin of error)". You will be encouraged to perform the appropriate action required to placate your tamagotchi - for example, "refactor more", "test more" or "release more", and so on. You must look after your code tamagotchi. If you don't, it will die.

Your code is ANGRY

Now here's an interesting thought experiment: if you were designing it, what moods would your Code Tamagotchi have, and what would they mean? What buttons would it have, and what would they do?
Posted 14 years, 8 months ago on November 30, 2006