December 13, 2006

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Baby. Bathwater. Etc.

When trying to solve very complex problems, it's easy to throw the baby out with the bathwater. For example, an organisation might be wasting 30% of their time and resources on unnecessary rework (i.e., because they built stuff the customer didn't ask for, or they just built it wrong).

But many organisations fall into the trap of creating more and more layers of management and bureaucracy trying to reduce the amount of rework. So they end up with spending 90% of their budget on red tape, and the rework problem becomes a drop in the ocean of waste in comparison.

Bureaucracy is really hard to get rid off. The problem is that it's the bureaucrats who make most of the decisions. So who's going to make the decision to slash bureaucracy? It takes a lot of nerve from the most senior managers to resolve to do away with most of the layers of management that have built up between them and the people who do the actual work.

Certainly, it's a message consultants are - understandably - extremely reluctant to deliver to their clients: "the problem is you!"
Posted 14 years, 4 months ago on December 13, 2006