January 31, 2007

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UML - Does It Make Problems Easier To Spot?

On one of my far too infrequent visits to the eXtreme Tuesday Club last night, I bumped into Nat Pryce (for it is he) who shared some very interesting views on visual modeling. Quite understandely, Nat bemoaned the fact that UML doesn't draw your attention to stuff that might need fixing. Maybe you have a global variable hiding somewhere in your code, but would a UML model highlight make it easier to see than just reading the code itself?

The answer is "probably not". I'm not a great believer that UML should be used to model code anyway, as I prefer to see it as a higher-level business modeling language for the most part - that's certainly where it adds most value. But Nat has a very good point. The whole point of visual languages is to make it easier to see things, but there's a big question mark hanging over the visual languages we currently use in software development as to whether they make us any better at seeing the important stuff that code blindness tends to make very hard to spot.

This is an area I'm keen to explore, but if anybody can point me in the direction of any existing work on this I'd be very grateful.
Posted 15 years, 2 months ago on January 31, 2007