February 1, 2007

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More 'No Design' Bulls**t

Today the same person who prompted my diatribe about the myth of developers doing "no design" has triggered a second mini-diatribe.

We have spent the last hour making a list of things we could do to make the software developers more efficient. She championed "design, design and more design" - again asserting the riotously inaccurate claim that the developers "don't do any".

Then we each voted for our top 5 recommendations to see which ones would be passed on to senior managers (no doubt to pour scorn upon, as the outputs of such sessions always are). Well, she may be all for "design, design and more design", but I keenly noted that nobody except me voted for "unlimited whiteboard space". I suspect "design, design and more design" is something they're expected to do using Microsoft Word...
Posted 14 years, 7 months ago on February 1, 2007