August 6, 2005

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Agile Summer School

If you're looking for an opportunity to learn from some of the UK's best agile coaches, then the Agile Academy's summer school, which takes place in London on Sept 5th-9th, is a safe bet.

It's organised by Rachel Davies, who currently sits on the committee of the Agile Alliance and will also be chairing next year's SPA 2006 conference. Coaches will include Steve Freeman, Duncan Pierce and Andy Pols, as well as Rachel herself. The price tag is pretty impressive considering what you get for it - just 995 GBP gives you 5 days with access to four of the best coaches on this side of the Atlantic. I've worked with Duncan, so I know he's the real deal. Steve Freeman and Andy Pols have reputations that precede them, too. You will learn, no matter how hard you try not to! I know for a fact there are training companies charging a lot more for a lot less.

The format is very hands on (and I do mean very hands on) so you won't be sitting at the back of dusty classroom trying to keep your eyes open while someone reads bullet points out to you!
Posted 16 years, 9 months ago on August 6, 2005