March 21, 2007

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Sessions I'm Sadly Missing At SPA 2007

Alas, I won't be at next week's Software Practice Advancement 2007 conference in Cambridge, England due to work commitments (got to rack up those billable hours, y'know!)

There's an old joke where the guy says:

"I ran behind the bus this morning and saved myself $1"

To which his friend observes:

"Gee, just think; if you'd run behind a taxi you could have saved an extra $20!"

Well, if I'm going to miss SPA 2007, then I think I should make a point of missing the best conference possible, given the choice of sessions available. Here are my recommendations from the program:

* Scrapheap Challenge: Use and Usability

Nat Pryce and Ivan Moore rip off the format of a well-known UK TV game show in which participants will be encouraged to complete a programming task using whatever components they can find on the Internet. It's a hefty 5 1/2 hours in length, but I bet it'll fly by.

* What Motivates Software Practitioners?

Helen Sharp from the Open University (I don't think they have to wear big collars and kipper ties these days, thankfully) and Tracy Hall from the University of Hertfordshire chair a workshop with a clue in the title. I'm hoping someone will shout out "bl**jobs".

* API Design As If Unit Testing Mattered

Michael Feathers (that's his name, not his hobby) gives a tutorial on designing public interfaces to make them testable, using examples in C++, C# and Java to illustrate what can go wrong.

* Understanding Cognitive Bias In Decision Making

Rachel Davies and Duncan Pierce explore how the fact that you're a nutter influences your judgement in software development projects.

* Architecting The Next Generation of .NET Applications

...because it's not a real conference until I've heckled someone from Microsoft

* Designing Collaborative Workspaces

Mike Hill and Rachel Davies (again) give you the perfect excuse to throw the furniture around

* Why Is Simple So Difficult?

Steve Freeman, Nat Pryce (again) and Giovanni Asproni invite you to vent your spleen in a goldfish bowl - that's when you all sit in a circle and people take it in turns to talk (a bit like one of your AA meetings, only without the guilt) - all about why programmers are so attracted to complicated solutions.

If you're going to SPA 2007, then I thoroughly recommend you make a beeline for these sessions. Or some other sessions. Whatever.

And if you're not going, then WHY THE HELL NOT? No doubt the best sessions will get a repeat airing at the miniSPA 1-day conference in the summer.
Posted 14 years, 3 months ago on March 21, 2007