March 21, 2007

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Process Voodoo - Write It Down and They Will Do It

A colleague has been asked to write an essay for her MBA about an "operational issue" in her company.

"Process owners not implementing process change requests," she bleated. "Because that hinders the evolution of our development capability."

Would that it were true. Imagine all those software developers sitting around saying "if only they could follow through on that change request to do the code inspections BEFORE we integrate. Oh well, I suppose we'll just have to carry on doing it the stupid way..."

This is further evidence of process voodoo: the illusion (or delusion, more like) that people do what the process documents tell them to do, and if you change the process diagrams they will immediately start doing it the new way by some unseen line of magical force that connects the process workers (that's you and me, folks) to the process models.

Practitioners of process voodoo use workflow models to manipulate their victims

The reality is that the developers can decide for themselves, without any changes to the process documentation, how they want to work, and implement those changes as they see fit. The fact that someone who's job it is to update the process model hasn't gotten around to it in no way prevents the changes from being made, least of all when nobody's actually following the process model in the first place.
Posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago on March 21, 2007