April 1, 2007

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Agile Film Buzz At SPA 2007

I really wish I could have made it to SPA 2007, not least because of all the juicy gossip I missed out on. It's not the same getting it all second or third-hand.

A little bird tells me that the big story from the conference is the rather startling revelation that Agile founder Ron Jeffries' screenplay about the groundbreaking Chrysler C3 project has been snapped up by Dreamworks. Apparantly Ron will be working closely with the production team as a technical advisor.

The movie will chart the emotion and drama of the 3-year project that gave the world Extreme Programming, and some famous names are already attached to the project.

Ron Howard, director of Apollo 13 and The Da Vinci Code is tipped to direct. It looks like Robert De Niro might be in the frame to play Kent Beck, and Liam Neeson has been linked with the part of Jeffries himself. There's also talk of a cameo by comedian Ricky Gervais as Martin Fowler (though I'd take that with a pinch of salt, if I were you.)

According to my source, pre-production has already begun in preparation for an Autumn shoot. If that's the case we could expect to see C3: Extreme Dream in cinemas some time next Spring.
Posted 14 years, 3 months ago on April 1, 2007