April 20, 2007

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Metrics Tool Highlights Code Aging

Guillaume Bertrand sent me a link to a tool that kind of rang a bell with him. Analyst4j is a tool that offers a suite of software complexity metrics that can be used to warn against significant increases in code entropy - in other words, code aging.

What's especially interesting about it, though, is not that it offers metrics - so many tools offer the same code quality measures and then some (see my OO Metrics Tools table for a short list of some of the better ones). No what's interesting is that you can compare versions of the code to see what effect your changes have had - so you could maybe set a code quality bar as part of your check-in policy and use the tool to ensure you don't knowlingly cross the line.

The tool, in itself, could be farely useful to Java teams. Surely the .NET version can't be far behind?

But more importantly - well, for me, at least - it illustrates clearly that the technology required to build an automated refactorbot is not far-fetched. indeed, it might be within our grasp. There's just something really attractive about the idea of a tool that cleans up your code while you sleep...
Posted 14 years, 3 months ago on April 20, 2007