May 4, 2007

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We Can Always Do Better

There really are no limits to how deluded we can be. I think back to when I was 15, and I picked out my "coolest" outfit for the disco, and then I did a "really cool"`dance to impress the girls. Yes, I really did look this stupid:

With the benefit of hindsight, most of the things I've done that, while I was doing them, I thought were "really cool" turned out to be actually quite lame. And I'm not just referring to fashion. Most of the software I've written - code that I was really proud of at the time I wrote it - makes me cringe with embarrassment now that I look back on it. So, whatever I do now, the statistics strongly suggest that I could be doing it a whole lot better, since that's always been the case up to now.

Just because I think something's good, that doesn't mean to say my customers will. The next time I catch myself thinking "wow, this is going to be really great" when I'm coding, I should play this video to myself. Hopefully it will put everything into perspective.

Thanks to Michelle Wauchope for the link
Posted 14 years, 2 months ago on May 4, 2007